Search Coils DD-13”

Short information:

Search Coils DD-13”It has the following advantages:

- More stable operation.
- Better Sensitivity.
- More Accurate target identification.
- More stable ground and better overall field performance.
This search coil is very light for its size weighs about 480 grams.

PRICE: 92 Euro
ЦЕНА: 180 лева


This DD coil has more stable operation, better sensitivity, pinpointing and more accurate target identification. In the field it has more stable ground and better overall field performance. The coil keeps its perfect inductive balance in a very wide temperature range.Also, this search coil although its size is very stable during operation and has a lot more depth to detect findings.

This search coil is suitable for all types of detectors manufactured by us.
Search Coils DD-13”increases the depth of the detector with 30%